What is Atomiic Swap?

Atomiic Swap is a non-custodial way to exchange your crypto currencies, no need for registration.

How does Atomiic Operate?

Your coins are held until a confirmation threshold is met and then the corresponding coins are sent to the address you have specified.

Why trust us?

We don't hold user funds in an "account". You hold your own funds in your own wallets. We simply facilitate the swap from one to another when desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I put in a wrong receiving address

Assuming the address passes our basic tests (which in some cases include a checksum) but in other coins this is not possible your coins will be send to the address locked during the transaction. This cannot be undone or reversed.

How safe is this service?

Like any cryptocurrency service, or any transaction of any kind; it is subject to risk. We recommend you start out small, get a feel for how the service operates and then when you are comfortable you can scale up to the size you wish to use.

Additional Common Questions

What is the maximum transaction size?

At present, you may do up to 1000 USD per day.

What is the minimum transaction size?

5.00 USD

What happens if atomiic.io gets hacked?

Since we do not hold client funds you will not be affected. If our system was compromised it would mean that it would cause an impact on our swap liquidity.

Can I mine directly to this service?

No. In the event that we suspect miners are mining directly to our service they will be blacklisted from the service.

If something did go wrong who do we contact?

You can contact us on our discord and we can investigate. If the issue is found to be on our side we will manually issue a full refund.

When do I receive my coins?

You receive your coins once the required confirmations are met.

Will I get exactly what is quoted?

Unlikely, although it is possible. During the process coin prices move up and down. Atomiic.io does not determine the final send rate until your coins are fully confirmed.